Zak Wallace

Zak Wallace Founder, Local Green Music songwriter & restaurateur Zak Wallace is a culture curator whose work and impact span cities and communities across the U.S. Aimed at living a life deeply rooted in impact, in 2017 Zak founded Local Green Atlanta, a fast-casual eatery with a mission rooted in equity, access, and public health. Well-known for co-writing the successful hit “Goodies” by Grammy-nominated recording artist Ciara, Zak left the music industry after over 15 years with a goal to develop a business that combines the two things he values the most, legacy and community impact. A product of West Manor Elementary, Paul D. West Middle School, and Tri-Cities High School, Zak is no stranger to the inequities within the Atlanta community. Growing up in a food desert plagued with a profound lack of nutritional options, his mission is now aimed at decreasing food insecurities and illness within his community. A purveyor of economic prosperity and equitable living, Zak launched the Local Green Atlanta food truck with a mission to improve the health and overall well-being of the city. By proving that plant-based cuisine could still be tasty and fulfilling, Zak was able to expand the Local Green Atlanta into its first brick-and-mortar location in 2019 in the historic Vine City community. In March of 2022, Green celebrated its expansion into Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resorts, becoming the first Black-owned food truck to grace the amusement park. Local Green Orlando brings the magic of fresh greens seasoned with culture to tourists, park-goers, and Florida residents. The restaurant boasts a hip-hop-inspired menu of vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian options, which has helped to combat the lack of fresh food in Atlanta’s predominantly Black westside neighborhood. Local Green’s mission is to redefine healthy, affordable food for all by creating an ecosystem based on trust and accountability. Zak has ensured that the brand stays present in the Atlanta community through volunteer work and partnerships. As an advocate and change agent, Zak has provided thousands of meals to voters during the largest elections, donated over 7,000 masks from the Local Green to those affected at the beginning of the pandemic, and created philanthropic relationships with large organizations like BET and US Foods. In 2022, Zak also served on the transition team for Atlanta’s 61st Mayor, Andre Dickens. He defines success as being a good son, husband, and father, with richness in faith, family, quality friendships, and servant leadership. Zak is married to Robyn Wallace, Local Green co-owner and data scientist. Together, they reside in a suburb outside of Atlanta, and are parents to four boys.