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If you’re vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, or just hungry, we have options for you! Whether you choose our guilty pleasures or no-regret options, rest assured you’re getting a healthy and tasty meal.

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Popular Items

Our menu provides a healthy twist on delicious dishes for the culture! Each item was created with you in mind – inspired by the artists, beats, and lyrics that have uplifted our communities while empowering and elevating the palate.

  • Rapper's Delight Salmon Philly
    Rapper's Delight Salmon Philly

    Grilled fresh salmon, grilled trinity pepper mix, mushrooms, onions, melted vegan mozzarella, drizzled “liquid gold” sauce on French brioche roll.

  • Bubba Sparxx
    Bubba Sparxx

    Pulled BBQ jackfruit, vegan slaw, gourmet pickles and crispy onions on toasted wheat bun.

  • Salmon Philly Quesadilla
    Salmon Philly Quesadilla

    Best-selling “Rappers Delight” Salmon Philly made as a quesadilla. Less carbs, same amazing taste.

  • Cajun
    Cajun "Air" Fries

    Air-fried to perfection. Oils used to cook deep fried foods links to chronic health problems: heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  • Mexican Street Corn
    Mexican Street Corn

    Elote corn on the cob, vegan lime mayo, grated parmesan cheese and Mexican lime seasoning.

  • Green - Hito Lemonade
    Green - Hito Lemonade

    Cucumber and cilantro infused lemonade with organic sugar.